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Coffee is a language in itself – Jackie Chan




The sun never sets in this neck of the woods.

Flanked by comfortably chic interiors in Sunset Mall (Jumeirah, Dubai)  along with shelves of artistically aligned books, potted greens to soothe the sore city eyes and the persuasive aroma of roasted coffee beans, Spill The Bean Cafe is where one’s coffee journey should begin from. This name might ring a bell if you have read one of my previous posts about the Beach Canteen.

Efforts to help you feel at home are really, well, effortless – or so one would think.
You can tell how a great amount of thought has gone into not just designing this place, but making sure it functions well without seeming too mechanical. This definitely is NOT your average coffee shop.

Sharing the flavours of carefully sourced, fair trade coffee beans from Mexico, Ethiopia and Colombia is what Spill The Bean cafe is all about. In addition to this, there’s a wide range of bite sized treats to choose from which happen to go well with your coffee. This dates treat filled with sesame seeds and no added sugar is a must try!


Of course, you would definitely want to save your appetite for their signature pancakes if you’re planning on having breakfast here. Had I known about the pancakes earlier, I would have moved the lunch meeting I had here earlier. But then again, pancakes for lunch doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. (Life is short, have pancakes).

There’s something about recreating the simple pleasures of a home-cooked meal by re-imagining it, instead of trying to re-invent it. The Mamma’s Egg Sandwich better elaborates what I’m trying to explain.


Fresh produce carefully tucked in a fluffy omelette with a scoop of labneh  complements the warm toast. The ingredients, though simple, pack quite a flavour when put all together.


If you’re into goat cheese, you may want to try out another popular dish from the menu which is the Goat Cheese Salad with roasted pumpkin. The salad dressing blends in well without leaving a caustic aftertaste.


What I really appreciated about this cafe is not just the emphasis on healthy eating, but also with being able to disconnect from the outside world and really enjoy your meal. Tables around me had regulars, newbies (like yours truly), tourists and the owners of Spill The Bean themselves – Ola Sinno and her supporting husband.

A touch of nostalgia dots the menu as some of the dishes have been influenced by Ola’s mother and grandmother. The brews, however have been fuelled by Ola’s passion for flavours that last. As much as possible, the original flavours are presented as it is without allowing it to get masked by the cube of unsuspecting sugar. I had opted for the three way brew as I was told that this is the best way to experience all the flavours that Mexican coffee beans had to offer. It’s quite interesting to watch the barista in action too.



The three-way brew employs cold presses, the popular espresso and filter coffee styles of whipping up a good Mexican brew. The cold press accentuates the chocolate flavour whereas the filter coffee makes the spice’s presence felt, in a mild way of course.
Ay Caramba!

The interiors of this cafe are mention worthy too.

I like how the cafe cleverly ‘spills out’ to accommodate a different and pleasant mood with generous lighting. Ola’s designing skills and eye for detail are very prominent here. I am yet to come across a cafe or a restaurant that proudly displays their collection of fridge magnets and I wonder if customers could add to their collection as well.



Mums with kids and nursing mums as well can breathe a sigh of relief in this special corner of the cafe – a kids play area with rocking chairs. That’s right, rocking chairs.
Toys that encourage learning through curiosity or creativity is a far better alternative than a touch screen for toddlers and that’s what you’ll find here.


This place has left quite an impression on me, and a positive one at that. Here’s how I would summarize my dining experience:

Ambiance and decor: Excellent
Service: Excellent
Wait time: Excellent
Menu presentation and design: Excellent
Food: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent
Overall dining experience: Excellent

And here’s a picture of the photogenic Ola Sinno – proud owner of Spill The Bean, wonderful wife, smart mother, designer jedi and creator of awesome, in no particular order.
Her boys mean the world to her. The lego cup holder that you see in the picture speaks volumes about the family’s influence in this family business.


Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian

Note: To learn more about their Ramadan timings, contact them on 04 338 8559 or their social media platforms.

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