Work with her

Dear PR / prospective media associate:

Thank you for visiting Food She Blogged – a journal from the pages of a food safety consultant based in Dubai.

If you’re looking to partner with me, here are my key areas of interest:

1. Food and beverage – retail, catering, manufacturing and distribution
2. Food safety
3. Recipe development
4. Home grown brands / products
5. Agriculture
6. Event management
7. Illustrations
8. Competitions and giveaways

As mentioned in my about’ page, I can only work with brands that are in parallel with the ethos and interests of Food She Blogged. Transparent and unbiased feedback is what I will generate even if I have been offered to review a product with no personal expenses or have been invited to an event.

Menu tasting / pre-opening invitations
The idea behind menu tasting and pre-opening dinners or lunches is to introduce a new brand or concept – which I will do provided, my readers are aware that I was personally invited.
On an additional note, menu tasting or soft opening related posts would be indicated as ‘first impressions’ as I believe that a launch cannot decide how well a food business runs. My understanding of a true food review is when the business is operational in full swing in order to assess not just the menu but the service as well.

Content development and guest posts:
Some of my work has been published on other websites / blogs that echo the themes I work with. Content development is an area that might interest you if you’re looking at expanding your reach via social media platforms (including food photography). I pen guest posts occasionally. Here’s an example of my work on Mademoiselle Nomad.
Please note that we can only work together if the areas of our interests match. Yes, it’s safe to assume that I’m not the best person to work with on fashion related posts. Sorry about that.

Having supported organizing committees during conferences and exhibitions, I could help you not only plan but organize an event as well – as long as it’s food related of course.

Still interested? Great!

Shoot out an email to
Look forward to working with you.

Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian