Who is she?

“To eat to live or to live to eat. That is the question.”

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Thanks for stopping by Food She Blogged – a journal from the pages of a Dubai based food safety consultant. If you’re interested to work with me, please click here. To learn more about Food She Blogged, continue scrolling down.

From working with test tubes, little mammals and non animated specimens, to meandering into the world of food and beverage, I’d gradually blossomed into a food safety professional.
Over the years, I found myself being exposed to a myriad of businesses in the food and beverage industry, along with which came the wonderful encounters with both suppliers and consumers. Come summer of 2014, I had warmed up to the idea of sharing my experiences through a personal blog with the intention of bridging the gap between consumers and suppliers.
In case you’re wondering, I was born and raised in Dubai and am of Indian – Portuguese origin- well, genetically speaking of course. To this day, I find it hard to fit in either border.

I seem to relate to art a lot so here’s an illustration to describe my interests.

About page Food She Blogged

The scale that I use to rate my dining experience is pretty simple actually:

  1. Poor – The criteria either didn’t match my expectations, or could use a lot of improvement.
  2. Fair – It’s reasonably satisfactory but could do with a little bit more improvement.
  3. Average – It’s nearly there in terms of being satisfactory.
  4. Good – The experience was satisfactory and left me feeling content.
  5. Excellent – Simply outstanding! Raises the bar with respect to my expectations.

Please take out your reading glasses for here comes the fine print:

  1. Opinions expressed in this blog are solely the author’s and are independent (unbiased).
  2. Intellectual property is a wonderful thing, provided it’s not borrowed. Please be nice and refrain from using any content on this blog (texts / images) without prior consent from the author. If you’ll ask nicely, she might send some copies over to your inbox with a fortune cookie. Should you, however, choose to use the content here anyway, without prior permission, the author may still send you a fortune cookie but cannot guarantee that it’s going to bring you good fortune.
    (I spoke in third person to sound serious)
  3. The author encourages the use of excerpts and links provided that full and discernible credit is given to ‘Food She Blogged’ or ‘Judy Sebastian’ with appropriate references to the links / posts. (See what I did there? Still speaking in third person)
  4. Food She Blogged is a website that believes in fair feedback. I am not obligated to write out a positive review only because I was invited to dine at a particular venue. I like to share my experiences with my readers and not enforce an opinion. Having said that, invitations and/or product samples being accepted by me will always be disclosed.
  5. Food safety related posts are purely based on scientific findings and past or on going research. I’m always open to discussions as well. Relevant references will be published as well to support a post, as and when necessary.
  6. Food She Blogged will not accept menu tasting requests from / personally review organizations that are bound by contract for establishing food safety systems as this would result in a conflict of interest.
  7. The icons below are the best way to connect with me on social media. I am also reachable on foodsheblogged@gmail.com

Update from June 2015:
Following the launch of #TTAFchat, I feel slightly more inclined towards sharing my travel experiences as well. You’ll notice a difference in the design and contents of this website if you had visited this website before June 2015.

Food She Blogged will predominantly remain a food and food safety blog, interwoven with travel snippets.

Thanks for stopping by.

Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian