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There’s something about a holiday that isn’t all about how much money you spend -Hilarie Burton

Salutations once again! It feels great to be back home and get back into the rhythm of routine – quite the opposite actually.

I got to spend a little over a week with my husband, partner in crime, t-shirt lender and merman in no particular order and I personally chose to disconnect during my limited time with him. You see, we both currently live on opposite ends (or curves) of the world and in between our difference in time zones and occasionally manic schedules, we try to make our paths converge every few months. Also, it was recently our wedding anniversary so we chose to make this trip a little extra special by celebrating it in the land of amazing culture, food and above all – people.
Bali, Indonesia was temporarily our home which we had to leave recently, regretfully.

The captivating Ulun Danu Temple in Bali

The captivating Ulun Danu Temple in Bali

I’ll be sharing snippets of our stay there along with fun activities to engage in, places to see and dining experiences. It took us some getting used to when we were told, “Here you go, 1.8 million rupiah.”
1 US dollar converts to a little over 14,000 Indonesian rupiah. For the most part, we were getting used to the difference in the number of zeroes following a number between Indonesia and the US or UAE.

My husband and I had a fabulous time in Bali and I look forward to sharing our adventures with you in due course. My apologies for not sharing updates instantly as my time with my best friend was quite limited and for me, family always gets top priority.

How did your summer go? Hope you had a good one.

I’ll leave you with the sunrise we caught after (successfully) reaching the summit of Mount Batur, the active volcano in Bali.

Sunrise at Mount Batur Bali Indonesia

Sunrise at Mount Batur Bali, Indonesia

Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian

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