What’s in your food cart?

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This June, Louise from My Healthy DXB and I will be joining forces to bring food safety and healthy eating together,  through common food shopping practices.

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The idea behind this event is to help common customers have a better understanding of what they choose to add to their food cart and how a simple choice can propel a person to gain the best of both worlds – safe food and healthy eating.

We are both experienced life sciences professionals and we are here to help the science seem not only easy but interesting as well. You’re going to leave feeling enlightened and motivated to make a better choice when it comes to picking the ingredients from scratch.

Spill The Bean Cafe will be hosting this event on the 15th of June (Monday) at 10 am. To sign up or learn more about the event, follow the event link

Bring your friends along too! We look forward to having you with us.

Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian


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