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“What better way to celebrate cooking, than to witness your ingredients create magic from pasture to platter?”


Even though it was the first time I was visiting the Souk Al Bahar outlet, an air of familiarity greeted me at the entrance of Baker and Spice. We were greeted by the aroma of freshly baked bread with hints of garden fresh salads from the food display counters and homemade preserves. It’s a gem that’s tucked away in the popular filigree shopping destination. This is one of those places that could really spark a good conversation, even if it translates to enjoying the effervescent Dubai fountains the alfresco way (sometimes, in silence). The decor and feel has a warm appeal to it regardless of the spot you choose to dine in.

Our waiter greeted us with a smile and wasted no time in distributing the menus after we had settled down. It was quite evident that swift service was a top priority and I couldn’t help but notice the large number of regular customers there. How did I know they were regulars? A newbie like me wouldn’t have added “like we usually have it” to their order.

The menu was simple yet elegant. I like how they’d used the minimalist’s approach to get the message out there. Even though most of the dishes were predominantly self explanatory, the service staff ran the extra mile to explain the dishes, and in most cases, the beverages as well. The Numi tea deserves a special mention here, in particular, gunpowder green. Presumably hand-rolled, the flavour and aroma indicated the finest quality.

Thanks to my recent obsession with juicing vegetables, my obvious choice of beverage for the evening was the green juice. A consistent blend of kale, cucumber, carrot and celery is what was placed before me. Mum must have been proud to see me eat or drink all my vegetables!


The best thing about home grown food businesses is that most of the products tend to be locally sourced, as is the case with Baker and Spice. It’s quite commendable how the local farmers are being promoted and in more ways than one, motivated as well. This was quite evident through their signature salads like the Caesar salad and the Turkish tomato salad -crunchy yet tender.



Speaking of crunchy, an impressive rendition of the home made ketchup was the perfect accompaniment to the chunky fries. This ketchup will pique your curiosity for sure. It sure did leave us guessing as to what the secret ingredient could be – truly one of a kind.


The Shakshouka (poached eggs) Matbukha (Turkish salad) is something that stands out when we talk about mains, along with the rib eye steak. In fact, the Shakshouka Matbukha was served to us straight off the oven (literally in a frying pan) with a word of caution from the waiter, “Careful ma’am, it’s really, really hot”.


The portioning is designed to fill provided you don’t eat with your eyes first. When you order up a storm, it’s an elaborate spread. As the meal train chugs on to the dessert station, make sure you’ve left enough room to do some justice to the bakery section. There are a variety of cakes to choose from and some of them are even gluten free.





Cakes like the dark chocolate cheese cake and the carrot and walnut cake are not meant to be rushed. In fact, recent studies show that people, who indulge in desserts for a longer period of time, tend to carry wider smiles – almost ear to ear. However, like most statistical studies, that bit of information is subject to verification.

*wide smile*


Try to not confine yourself to what’s listed on the menu only. There are plenty of other options to choose from and all you have to do for that is simply walk around. The very chic approach to food display is a feast for the senses.




Enticed? Brilliant!


The verdict:


Ambiance and decor: Excellent
Service: Good
Wait time: Excellent
Menu presentation and design: Excellent
Food: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent
Overall dining experience: Excellent


Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian

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