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It’s one thing to hear about an amazing dining experience from family members or friends, and it’s another to experience this yourself. Eric’s restaurant studs the streets of Sheikh Hamdan Colony (B2) and has quite a welcoming appeal to it.

Authentic national or international cuisine is very hard to chance upon and Eric’s was true to its word – incredible Goan cuisine accompanied by the wonders of Thai and Chinese culinary delights. We were spoiled for choice whilst leafing through the menu and ended up ordering quite a storm. Hints of the familiar Portuguese and Anglo- Indian influence made their presence felt as we’d entered the restaurant. The simple yet welcoming decor and furnishing immediately gave us the impression that it was a family friendly place to dine in. Flanked by photographs and paintings from the yester-years, one can experience the Goan nostalgia that comes along with it.

The cleanliness was impeccable and it’s quite easy to assess the commitment to good hygiene just by assessing the rest rooms, if not the kitchen (when and where possible). While chatting with the man behind this brilliant personification of feel-good Goan edible marvels, Eric Lewis, it became clear that the restaurant was designed to make one feel at home, away from home. The multi-lingual and amiable staff members ran the extra mile while they were explaining the menu to us. Recommendations were made based on the preferred spice levels as well. The wait time seemed pretty reasonable with synchronized service of entrees, the main courses, breads to accompany our orders, desserts and beverages.

The categorization and presentation of the dishes on the menu seemed lucid, although in my opinion, it could have been a tad bit more elaborate. For instance, I wasn’t sure which dishes contained nuts and which ones didn’t. Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, the service staff members made it a point to explain the dish to us in case we weren’t sure about what we were ordering.

Word from the wise – please do not forget to carry an obliging appetite. The portioning is reasonably generous. Here’s a look at what we had gobbled down devoured on indulged in:

The spicy fantastic wings and good ‘ol fashioned chicken lolly pops didn’t let us down at all. On requesting them to be served as extra spicy, we were quite impressed by how the flavour of the dish wasn’t compromised on despite it being doused in piquant sauce. We weren’t left crying either, so that was definitely a plus. This entree was soon followed by the popular Goan chicken Xacuti accompanied by the traditional bread pao (also known as pav in Mumbai), some pot rice, Samurai chicken, and Bamie.



The blend of ingredients seemed familiar yet refreshingly new. The ground coconut added flavor to the Xacuti, and I’m glad I chose to follow the waiter’s recommendation of accompanying it with pao instead of pot rice.


Soon after, these dishes were followed by the sought after mutton with potato curry and some plain rice. Again, they proved to be a fantastic unification. More often than not, our mothers are considered to be the best chefs and at Eric’s you’ll find that the dishes might not only leave you feeling nostalgic because you’re suddenly reminded of your mother’s cooking, but also rejuvenate your perception of flavor. This definitely earns the restaurant more brownie points.




Speaking of brownies, what’s a dining experience without dessert?

The heavenly delight (choice of ice cream served with caramel , chocolate sauce, layered brownie, cream and garnished with cashew nuts and peanuts) and Bebinca take the cake when it comes to desserts.


Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert comprising stratified (and occasionally spiced) layers of traditional cake. The number of layers could vary from six to sixteen.


A refreshing mint cooler is a good idea for a curtain call or to help one flush down the main course. It definitely helped us make more room for dessert with just a couple of sips.

Well here’s the verdict from our experience there.

Ambiance: Good
Service: Excellent
Wait time: Good
Menu presentation and design: Fair
Food: Excellent
Value for money: Excellent
Overall dining experience: Excellent

Comestible regards,
Judy Sebastian

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